Natural wood walking stick


Walking stick made of chestnut wood cut from sustainably managed forests.
Made in France and painted with love!


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Bâton de marche en bois de châtaignier coupé dans des forêts gérées de façon durable. Fabriqué en France et peint avec amour !
Pour moi un arbre est un être qui meurt chaque automne et qui renait chaque printemps.

Matières : bois de châtaigniers et lanière en cuir végétal

Hiking sticks made with french natural chestnut cut in managed forests. Made in France and painted with love
For me a tree is a being who dies every autumn and who is reborn every spring.

Materials: chestnut wood and vegetable leather strap

Go on an adventure! 

Combining solidity and aesthetics, this 100% French designed hiking pole will be your new companion for your walks in the forest or by the sea. From the top of its 120 cm, this walking stick is equipped with a metal tip allowing an optimal grip on all types of grounds. 

This chestnut wood hiking stick is not a simple accessory since it has an important role when walking. Indeed, it allows to keep a good posture and a good balance during the walk. Using a walking stick allows you to limit back and joint pains that can appear after the effort. 

Bâton de marche